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It doesn’t matter whether you are moving into a condo across town or into a new house in the suburbs – all the same elements make up a successful residential move. When you hire Viktoria Professional Movers Barrie, a company where customer care and satisfaction are the top priorities, you can rest assured you’re hiring local Barrie movers with an excellent reputation. We have over 15 years of experience in the moving industry, and each of our movers joins our family with a minimum of five years of experience with a reputable Barrie moving company. All of that experience translates into a smooth, organized, and worry free moving day.

Viktoria Professional Movers Barrie has the experience and expertise to help make your next move the best you’ve ever had. This means we do not only provide moving trucks and boxes, but can help you plan the move, develop a practical packing schedule, and anything else that will make your move execute smoothly.

The level of service your residential moving company in Barrie provides you with is important, and often times “cheap” Barrie moving companies end up costing you a fortune! Unfortunately, our industry is rife with companies whose aim is to book as many jobs as they can by any means necessary. Many “lowball” estimates from these companies quickly balloon with unexpected charges that occur during the move. All the while hurried workers provide a similarly hurried service, not taking the time to properly care for your belongings. For many of these companies, protecting your property and ensuring your satisfaction is last on their list of priorities, where quantity of moving jobs trumps providing quality service.

Even when you need to move on short notice, we can accommodate you. In fact, even with as little as 12 hours of prep, we can organize your move and get your belongings on their way.

We make sure we offer our residential moving services in Barrie at affordable rates, and we do it without sacrificing any of the quality you deserve. Key features of our service include:

    • On-Site Estimates – We’ll send one of our team members to carry out a detailed estimate. It’s the best way to give you a fair and accurate price with no surprises.
    • Timely Pickups – Arriving on time on moving day is a basic element in any professional residential moving service. We take pride in our punctuality so you can stay on schedule!
    • Safe Delivery – Delivering your possessions safely to their new address is another basic element of a moving service. We treat your items with the utmost care, because we know you do as well!
    • Packing Services – If you don’t have time to pack everything, or are concerned about fragile items, you can hire our experienced and meticulous team to pack your precious possessions!
    • Packing Materials – If you prefer to pack your possessions personally, we can provide you with professional-grade packing materials. And you have the peace of mind knowing you can return any unused items for a full refund!
    • Storage Services – Make use of short or long-term fully secured storage solutions while you wait for your designated moving day.
    • Oversized Items – Not everything you need to move will fit into a packing box. Our Barrie moving team can also pack and transport special, oversized and extra-heavy items, such as:
      • Pianos
      • Large Furniture
      • Safes
      • Sculptures
      • Billiard tables
      • Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Always Courteous, Always Considerate – We always treat our clients with respect, and use floor protection in bad weather, protecting your furniture and valuables against all possible surface damage while on the move.
  • Call Viktoria Professional Services Barrie at (705) 315-4226 for a FREE Consultation in regards to your residential moving needs.


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